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Dear Jamalian,

14 August 2006.


    How are you all. Its nice to see you all visting my site. First of all we must thank Mr.Nazeeb for insisting to start this work, before we used the Excel sheet for past one week, and it was not working properly (Demo Version Failed!!!). Then Mr.Nazeeb discussed with me about getting details, finally i created one page for our friends... now that is the page you are all visiting...

    Lot of my friends got married, I convey my wishes to them. I will send a mail to all our friends to enter their details, mean while you too can inform them about the form.

    I started this site(Deenindia.com ) for helping people on job search in UAE. Now I created job postings and other stuffs, if there is good communication with us ,I am ready to help for India ; if you have one job vacancy means you can post it in Deenindia.com so that it can help any job seekers....

     One more thing some our friends are working in ITES; try to find a good job for them too, just refer them, by god's grace they too would secure a good job !!. Before that you should know who are working in ITES,get their mail id , skillset and forward resume to your company.

    Insha Allah I will meet you all soon. Dua for all our dazzling futures!!!

    Keep n touch with everyone once in a while,though u may have busy schedule...

    With Love,
    Bahrudeen. A.

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